Introducing Pawn and Drive Cape Town

Pawn and Drive

Pawn and drive offers you a unique way to get the cash you need while still giving you the freedom to keep and drive your car. This is how pawn and drive Cape Town works: 

First, we assess the value of your car and make you an offer. If we come to an agreement, we take ownership of your car until you repay the loan. You do, however, maintain the right to use the car during the rental period.

You will then be required to return the borrowed amount through agreed upon monthly rental payments. This gives you the opportunity to pay off the loan gradually while still having access to your car and transportation.

You have a choice when it comes to the loan period. You have the option to repurchase the vehicle for a predetermined fee, allowing you to reclaim complete ownership of your vehicle.

Pawn and Drive changes the way you get cash by offering you a practical solution that allows you to pawn your vehicle without giving up on its use.

Pawn and Drive Cape Town

Capital101 provides comprehensive insurance coverage for all vehicles to ensure your piece of mind. In addition, each vehicle is outfitted with GPS monitoring devices for enhanced protection, and a service plan to keep your vehicle in top shape.

So, if you need quick access to funding, pawn and drive could be the solution you’ve been looking for. You can pawn your car and still drive it, all while benefiting from Capital101’s extensive insurance coverage, GPS tracking, and service plan.

pawn and drive

With Capital 101 , You Can Pawn and Drive Your Vehicle in 30 min Flat!

Are you considering selling your car while still driving it?

If you are considering selling your car while still driving it, consider the following points.

Pawn and Drive Application

Use your vehicle as security to get a loan whilst still driving it